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Find your Bliss (Part 2)

Find your Bliss (Part 1)

Composition in Grey (Part 2)

Composition in Grey (Part 1)

Keeping in mind that the apartment unit was for rent; I used grey in varying shades throughout the space. This makes it easily adaptable to any type of personality; a neutral canvas where once could simply inject fragments of their lives here and there, making the space their own.

Asian Sensation (Part 3)

Asian Sensation (Part 2)

Asian Sensation (Part 1)

Asian-inspired resort-like living in the heart of the city. Did interior architecture and built-in furniture designs. Hope the clients want to proceed doing the loose furniture and accessorizing soon!

Retro Fit (Part 3)

Retro Fit (Part 2)

Retro Fit (Part 1)

A retro modern one-bedroom turned two-bedroom apartment, I designed for a pair of 20-something year old brothers.